Strip Lamination Inspection


Our Ultrasonic systems facilitate the inspection of strips before forming and welding.

Early detection of lamination defects (or splitting defects) and the identification of coupling loss in both the body and edges of the strip are possible during the initial stages of the manufacturing process.

This inspection system is well-suited for ERW and SAW strips.

A dynamic calibration, replicating the characteristics of the current inspection, can be conducted.

The inspection mechanism glides over a calibration table in an off-line position, consistently performed at intervals during the inspection.

Our equipment adapt to the width, length, and thickness of the strip, enabling the inspection of 100% of the product.


With our robust and user-friendly software, Ultrasonic inspection results are displayed in real-time.

Traceability is guaranteed through our production software, generating comprehensive and customizable inspection reports.

A segment of the software for the strip is specifically crafted to chart the speed curve of the calibration table. Following the completion of recording, a profile file is generated and stored.

The system screen is remotely accessible, providing a clear, comprehensive view of the ongoing inspection and allowing real-time adjustments.

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All our Ultrasonic systems comply with European and international standards, including ASME Section V, ISO 10893-11, 10893-8, 10893-10, API 5L, API 5CT, ASTM E317, and more.

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Partial or Complete Strip Inspection

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Customizable Inspection Reports

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