Scarfing Monitoring Process (I/O Profile)


SOFRATEST offers Ultrasonic solutions for I/O profile and wall thickness analysis in ERW pipes.

The Scarfing Monitoring System is strategically placed immediately after the welding process.

Consisting of a security sensor, it efficiently detects potential open welds to ensure the seamless execution of the Scarfing Monitoring Process without any damage.

Following the security sensor, a probe shoe oscillates around the weld, inspecting both the external and internal profiles of the weld, while simultaneously performing a thickness measurement.

Prior to inspection, the weld undergoes cooling with a cooling liquid (utilized as a coupling agent).

Our equipment can be adapted according to the diameter, thickness, and length, of the pipe, enabling a comprehensive 100% inspection of the product.


The powerful and user-friendly IOP Software enables real-time display of successive profile curves along the pipe. This includes the external profile, internal profile, thickness profile, or a simultaneous display of both external and internal profiles.

The system screen is accessible remotely, providing a clear, comprehensive view of the ongoing inspection and allowing necessary adjustments to be made in real-time.

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All our Ultrasonic systems comply with European and international standards, including ASME Section V, ISO 10893-11, 10893-8, 10893-10, API 5L, API 5CT, ASTM E317, and more.

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High Inspection Speed

Equipment Resistant to Harsh Conditions

100% Adaptable Systems

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Real Time Results Display

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