Sofratest Ultrasonic Probes

SOFRATEST designs and manufactures complete Ultrasonic Non-Destructive Testing solutions specifically for ERW and SAW pipes.

In addition to designing the mechanics and the electronics of the systems, Sofratest also designs its own Ultrasonic transducers to detect lamination, longitudinal and transverse defects.

Our transducers are tailor-made in our in-house French laboratory to match the needs of our customers.

The transducers are designed depending on the type of defects to be detected and specifications of the product to be controlled (diameter, wall thickness, type of weld, etc.).

All our Ultrasonic systems are comply with main international standards : API5L 46th, ASTM435M, ASTMA 578 and others.

Do you have a NDT project? Contact us, we have the solution to your needs.