SSAW Off-Line Weld Inspection by Ultrasonic

SOFRATEST offers a range of Ultrasonic Non-Destructive Testing systems for SSAW-LSAWERW pipes and coils.

The inspection can be applied to the full body of the pipe/coil including the ends, allowing a complete inspection of the product. ✅

👉 Among the many installations implemented, here is this off-line system dedicated to the inspection of the weld on SSAW pipes by Ultrasonic.

It detects longitudinal and transverse defects in the weld of the pipe and lamination defects in the Heat Affected Zone (HAZ).

This system is composed of two inspection heads and 14 sensors allowing the most accurate inspection possible. SOFRATEST provides all the elements of the system, from electronics to mechanics.
The mechanism is designed to route the pipe directly under the inspection station. 

The control is displayed in real-time on the screen, and our software creates a complete report containing all the results of the control. ✅

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