Ultrasonic System for ERW Off-Line Weld inspection (12 channels)

SOFRATEST has designed and manufactured the electrical and mechanical components of this Ultrasonic installation dedicated to the off-line inspection of ERW pipes.

Specifications of the inspected ERW pipes:
✔ Ø from 169 mm to 508 mm
✔ Length: up to 13 m
✔ Thickness: from 3 mm to 14 mm

This off-line system detects:
✔ Longitudinal and transverse defects in the weld
✔ Lamination defects in the Heat Affected Zone
✔ Lamination defects in the full body and end areas of the ERW pipes

The inspection head has been specifically designed to meet the customer’s request and adapt to their needs. Our equipment can be customized according to the diameter, thickness and length of the pipe.

Systems highlights:
👉 Moving inspection head with multiple UT transducers
👉 Calibration stand for one dynamic calibration
👉 High inspection speed
👉 Coupling verification
👉 White line tracking system on the pipe, allowing automatic adjustment of the ERW inspection head position 
👉 Turnkey system (mechanical & electronic)
👉 Customized inspection reports